About Us

Kaibigan, narito na ang AKAY Ni Sol.

AKAY Ni Sol is a non-profit organization that is based in the Philippines and on a mission to uplift the quality of life, welfare and promote the dignity of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and those of their families.


Ours is a very holistic approach to this mission:

By tapping medical and other professionals in assisting PWDs and making medical technologies and other innovations accessible to them; such innovations include the Xtern™ AFO, a game-changer for people afflicted with foot drop, and a life-changing innovation that has been a major inspiration for AKAY, By tapping community leaders to help identify, screen, and prioritize those who will immediately benefit from specific assistance and interventions, By collaborating with organizations, both government and private, who are able to provide education, training, and work opportunities for PWDs so as to afford them the dignity of a productive life; one that contributes to their families, communities, society, and humanity indeed.


Live Life with AKAY

Disabilities cover a wide range of circumstances that may be natural, medical-related, or accidental and affect one or more of a person’s senses and functions in varying degrees. Disability further impacts various aspects of a PWDs life. PM us for support and to explore interventions in your case or that of a loved one.


Accompany Us on AKAY’s Journey

Want to help PWDs in a bigger, more holistic, and higher impact way? Walk with AKAY Let’s explore ways we can collaborate to empower PWDs and power community and national development.

Our Philosophy

AKAY believes that PWDs stand as equals with everyone, all of society and humanity, as productive, responsible, and responsive members of the community. Moreover, we believe that PWDs by their very nature – challenged and victorious over their circumstances – comprise an inspired, creative, and innovative force in the community and for national development.


Life-changing Innovations and Interventions for All

The proponents of AKAY were originally inspired by a life-changing innovation and miracle of science that has enabled many erstwhile “drop foot” patients to get up and walk independently once more.


The founders were excited to share this product innovation – the Xtern™ AFO foot brace – that has benefited so many stricken by drop foot and immobilized after strokes, traumatic accidents, and other circumstances. AKAY has since propagated this innovation and other equipment and interventions, making them available to Filipinos from all walks of life and touching hundreds of lives and thankful individuals and families.


AKAY has also since pushed cooperation and collaboration with professionals, private and as well as government agencies to explore and make accessible every possible tools and innovations, programs and interventions with the bottom line of Uplifting the Quality of Life and Upholding the Dignity of PWDs everywhere.